Whos Driving Australia answers the need for a designated driver in Sydney where and when you want. Keeping in mind the high demand for a designated driver in Sydney to drive you or your companion after a company function or event safely back to your home, we provide services that is flexible to your needs.


Designated Driving Service

This service offers customers the flexibility of going out in their own vehicle and at a pre-arranged time 2 staff from Who’s Driving? Meets you at your vehicle. One driver then drives home in your own car and the other follows.  Which means, you can party without any worries and hassles of being pulled over by the police and going through a Roadside Random Breath Test (RBT). We’ll make sure you arrive home safe.


driver in sydney assisting patient

Day Surgery / Medical Treatment

The benefit of using Who’s Driving? Is it eliminates the need for someone else to take time off work to accompany you to drive you home. You can either choose to have us drive for you to a medical facility and drive you back or you can drive yourself there and we will take you back home in your car.  We can also bring your car back home if you need to be admitted in the facility.  You can count on us to make it happen.

driver in sydney to relocate company carCorporate

Who’s Driving? Can relocate company cars. We can arrange to pick up and deliver vehicles for servicing or repossess company vehicles from terminated or separated employees. You have a company event? No problem, we’ll be your designated driver in Sydney.  We can also make sure your staff get home safe after a networking event or late night industry function. You don’t need to worry about you or your staff arriving home safe.


You are asking, Whos Driving? Answer is very simple, We will!!!!!

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